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Kitchen Rennovations & Remodling

Serving Southern Delaware for over a decade

KC Kitchen Remodeling

We understand the kitchen is the heart of your home, a place of comfort, and a place where memories are made. We’re dedicated to making that vision a reality for our clients, and have been since 2005.

We also understand that function is equally as important as form, which is why our first meeting is always a creative collaboration to uncover your goals, identify options in your budget, and draft a vision for your new culinary space.

Kitchen Renovation & Resale Value

Fact: Homeowners who remodel their kitchen can expect to see a significant increase in home equity and retail value. Oftentimes, 90% of the cost spent on a new kitchen is retained through the equity gained in the home value.

Whether it be for entertainment, counter space, meal prep efficiency, or gourmet, we design every custom kitchen with our customer’s long-term goals needs in mind


We believe form is as important as function which is why we design our kitchens remodels focus on aesthetics and the overall needs of our clients.

Energy Savings

Whether it be cooking, dining, or entertaining – the Kitchen is the heart of the home and where the majority of activity takes place. KC Home Improvement always focuses on energy efficiency to ensure your remodel meets modern standards and is budget and environmentally conscious.


There’s no bigger value than the comfort you experience with a new kitchen remodel.

We design our kitchens as timelessly as possible, meaning the style of your kitchen will aesthetically last for many years to come.

Typical Prices to Remodel a Kitchen in Southern Delaware

"How much will my kitchen remodel cost?" This is the most common question we receive, but it's highly dependent on the size of your kitchen, the level of appliances, fixtures, and cabinets, and whether or not changes are being made to the layout. Below is a rough estimate for the price ranges we typically encounter.

Basic Tier Kitchen Pricing

$25K - $45K

  • Using existing layout of cabinets, floorplan, electric, plumbing etc.
  • Standard granite, countertops, and tile
  • Using existing appliances

Mid Tier Kitchen Pricing

$45K - $65K

Updated Cabinetry layout
Partial-custom Cabinetry
Updated flooring
Updated Appliance layout
Lighting under cabinetry
Mid level countertops, fixtures, and tile

Top Tier Kitchen Pricing

$65K - $95K +

Completely custom layout requiring moving walls, electric, applicances cabinetry etc.
Top-end & custom cabinetry
Luxury and/or custom appliances
High-end granite or quartz countertops
Top-tier backsplash


Overall, this tier includes the best quality materials, appliances, and fixtures currently available on the market.

Why Choose
KC Kitchen Remodeling?

With clientele that is 99% referral, we take pride in our client relations, expert craftsmanship, and master carpenters.

About Us


We have built a family like team of highly skilled, honest individuals, who love what they do.


We listen to your needs, wants, & budget, then develop a plan to transform your living space.


Our clients’ referrals speak directly to the level of satisfaction that is guaranteed to our new clients.

Schedule an Exploration Session. Identify Your Goals, and Start The Creative Process.