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If you are dreaming of transforming your kitchen into a sleek, modern space with the latest and greatest appliances, we want to help you make that dream a reality. KC Kitchen serves clients in Delaware Beaches. We want to collaborate with you to design a luxury kitchen that’s perfect for you.

What Makes a Luxury Kitchen?

Everyone’s definition of luxury is different. Whether you want to go big and include all of these elements or just incorporate a few high-end options in your kitchen remodel, these are some of the most common features of a luxurious, modern kitchen.

Top-Tier Appliances

Sub-zero fridges, counters with built-in stovetops, and appliances that blend in with the cabinetry are a few of the most common high-end appliance options we are seeing lately. When it comes to appliances, the only limit is your budget. There are so many appliances on the market today with all the bells and whistles to take your kitchen from ordinary to elegant.

Marble and Granite Countertops

Marble and granite countertops look amazing and last forever. They are easy to keep clean and they look so upscale and shiny under stunning pendant lights. Nice countertops are a core feature of any luxury kitchen.

Custom Cabinetry and High-Quality Wood

Cabinets are one of the most important aspects to consider when you are designing your luxury kitchen. Many luxury kitchens tend to follow a contemporary style, so cabinets are high-quality but simple. You may prefer cabinets with fancy trim or stylish hardware. When you are designing a luxury kitchen, all options are available to you.

Personalized Touches

Personalized touches that reflect and support your lifestyle can make your kitchen even more luxurious. If you love wine, you may want to incorporate a built-in wine fridge. Pizza lovers may want a brick oven, while clients with large families may opt for extra storage space.

Exquisite Lighting

Having ample lighting in the right areas is important for the functionality of the kitchen, but choosing the right styles of lighting can improve the overall appearance of the space and make it feel more upscale. Statement pendant lighting looks great over a kitchen island while built-in lights in the ceiling add more light to the area and offer a clean appearance.

Design Your Kitchen with KC Kitchen

At KC Kitchen, we believe kitchens are the heart of the home. They should feel inviting and be suited to your lifestyle so you can enjoy cooking at home instead of dreading it. We design timeless kitchens that are functional and comfortable. If you are ready to start designing your luxury kitchen, schedule a consultation with us by going online or calling our office. We look forward to meeting you and collaborating with you on your vision for a high-end, luxurious kitchen.

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