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Quartzite vs Dolomite Countertops

While most people choose marble, granite, or wood countertops, quartzite and dolomite are also options you can consider for your new kitchen. You can weigh the pros and cons of each material to decide which one will work best with your kitchen needs and budget. 

Quartzite Pros and Cons

Quartzite, not to be confused with quartz, is well-loved because of its marble-like appearance. Quartzite offers the luxurious look of marble while providing more durability. It’s resistant to scratching and chipping, but it is on the more expensive end.

Dolomite Pros and Cons

Like quartzite, dolomite has an appearance similar to marble, and it can really enhance the look of any kitchen. Dolomite requires a bit more maintenance than quartzite, and there aren’t as many shades and colors available. It offers average resistance to staining and scratching as long as you seal it regularly.

Quartzite vs Dolomite: Which is Better? 

Quartzite offers more durability, but both materials look stunning and offer an upscale appearance. Unless you just love the look of dolomite better, quartzite is the better choice because it is more resistant to staining and other damage. 

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